About me

Hey there! I'm Angel Szafranko. I'm an independent artist and animator. I've been blogging for about 7+ years and I keep it going as a sort of art/life journal. I like to post about a lot of different things here; paintings, recipes, artwork, videos, outfits, conventions, sewing, diy, photography and just daily life stuff! 

Personally, I'm drawn to anything cute and colourful but I'm also into the weird and strange. Like, on one hand I love rainbows and unicorns but on the other I love bats and eyeballs. Right now I'm very much into drawing digitally and painting traditionally on wood canvas, using acrylic paints.
As for animation, I went to school for it and have been working in the industry for 4+ years. I'm currently happily employed as a flash animator. I've worked on a couple animated shows like; Brickleberry, Ugly Americans, Grojband, Total Drama Island and Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood.
Other things I'm into include; hula hooping, ice cream, going to garage sales (thrifting), taking pictures, sitting for long periods of time, making + eating banana bread, painting my nails, getting tattoos, going to the movies, and forever trying to get better at playing my ukulele.
If you have any questions at all, leave a comment or email me at; angelszafranko(at!)hotmail(dot)com.
Thanks for reading and don't forget to say Hi! :]
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