Oct 5, 2015


Long time no post! I can't believe it's already October?! I mean the year is almost done. Where did the time go? We have finally some-what settled into our new place. There are still about 10 (or so) boxes that still need unpacking but I have my computer set up. And that's all the really matters! I should be back to blogging at least once or twice a week.

I decided to participate in InkTober. Mainly because I had realized that I haven't drawn, sketched or painted anything in weeks.... or more like, months! If you don't know what InkTober is, it's where you do a drawing (an inked drawing) every day for the month of October. Every year I forget about InkTober until it's almost half way through the month and then I'm too lazy to do anything about it. But not this year! I'm posting my daily Inks on my Instagram (Justin is also participating. You can check out his drawings here.)

In other news, we are leaving very soon for a week long trip, (Our first time in Jamaica!) so I don't know if there will be Wi-Fi there. If there is I will try to keep posting. If not, I will be flooding peoples feeds with a weeks worth of doodles when I return.

Below are my favourite sketches I've done so far.
I loved how this one turned out. I was using Justin's fancy markers. He doesn't have a brown fancy marker, so I couldn't colour in the stem of the pumpkin. It's kinda bothering me... but whatcha gonna do?
Totally inspired by Sailor Moon. (as usual) I just wanted to draw something with a 'light source.'

Is anyone else participating in InkTober?

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