Jun 1, 2015

Review: May Movies

Ex Machina
Recommend? Yes
Re-watch? Yes

This movie was great. I didn't have huge expectations, which might have helped the movie... but it was still very good. The robot looked amazing. The actress did a great job. Well, everyone did a great job. And I was actually pretty creeped out a few times. I will say this though... I did not like the ending. It felt long and boring but maybe that's just me?
Mad Max
Recommend? Yes!!
Re-watch? Yes!!

I was so excited for this movie. I have completed forgot how the original/first movie(s) were like but once I heard this was coming out, I was like, yes! Then I saw a little trailer for it and I was like, YES! And then I saw a longer trailer for it and I was like, Oh, hells yeah! This movie did not let me down. It was just so much awesome. So much action. So much (real) explosions. (You can totally tell when an explosion is CGI or real) And so many real stunts. So many cool things happening. It felt like it was an older movie. Like, it was done right... It was just good. Okay? Loved this movie so much, I saw it twice! Might even buy the soundtrack vinyl too.
Pitch Perfect 2
Recommend? Yes!
Re-watch? Yes!

Yay! I was so excited about Pitch Perfect 2 (because Pitch perfect was awesome, I loved it.) This movie was great. Not as good as the first but still very enjoyable. The story felt a bit weak and rushed but it was full of laughs and 'girl power'. Probably will end up buy this one.


  1. I was so disappointed with the end of Ex Machina, I don't know why I think I just predicted it and that ruined it a little haha.

  2. Mad Max was the best!!!! I loved all the practical special effects and it was so much fun.


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