Apr 6, 2015

Review: March Movies

Kingsman: The Secret Service
Recommend? Yes
Re-watch? Yes 

I remember seeing a trailer for this movie a while ago and thinking 'meh', we'll see if we watch this one. Then I found out Justin really wanted to see it and other people had been telling me what a good movie it is (great action sequences etc), so we went. And it was amazing! Yes the action/fighting sequences were very cool. Reminded me a bit of how the action shots were done in 'Watchmen' but with a twist. Very interesting and I liked it! Story was interesting enough and the main actor is a cutie. Haha. If you haven't already, go see this one. Kind of reminds me of a James Bond movie...but for today?
Recommend? Yes
Re-watch? Probably

Justin was the one that really wanted to see this one. I was kind of.... indifferent. The movie itself was pretty different than what we were expecting, but in a good way! I love Chappie's character and the way he talked and his development. It was weird seeing Ninja and Yolandi in the movie at first. Yolandi did a pretty great job thought. I actually really liked her character a lot. Other than that, I don't have much to say about this one. (Hugh Jackman in those shorts, I couldn't take him seriously... haha) I liked this movie but I'm not in love with it. If you liked District 9 at all then you should check this movie out. They both have the same sort of.. 'feel'. And obviously it's the same director.
Recommend? Yes
Re-watch? Maybe?

I really wanted to see this movie, mainly because it looked so pretty. We decided to try out the VIP section of the theatre for this one. I feel like it's well worth the extra cost. Big comfy chairs and being waited on before the movie starts. Pretty cool. Totally going to try to see more movies (especially ones directed at families/kids) in VIP from now on.

But anyways, the movie... it was good. Not great but I liked what they did with it. They stayed true to the story we all know and love but put a bit of a modern twist on it, which I really liked. The dresses and costumes were so pretty in this movie! I do feel like her dress was maybe a bit too long and a bit too...big because during the dance I kept waiting for him to step on it, haha. Definitely go see this one if you are a fan of the story and/or a fan of Disney. We left the theatre feeling good and that's always a good sign.


  1. i loved kingsman! except the pug danger part, i was freaking out! haha! i still can't decide if i want to see chappie. The reviews are so bad but i loved district nine.

  2. I was kinda on the fence about kingsman and I'm with you on Cinderella it was good not great but I really like the have courage and be kind quote :)



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