Dec 11, 2014

I Made a Dress + Skirt

I made this dress and skirt a while ago but I totally forgot to make a blog post about it. I'm doing it now because I want to document/remember all the stuff I made (sewed) myself. Sorry for the not-so-great cell phone pictures. I never got around to taking 'proper' pictures and now it's December and there really isn't any time for that now... or daylight. Haha. Anyways, lets talk about this yellow dress first...
So this dress. It's actually a thrifted bed sheet I found months ago. I'll admit, Its probably not the best material for clothing but I just had to make it into something. I had a lot available so I decided to make a dress, making this dress #3!! Still learning what works for my body, I'm having a hard time with the top part. The middle waist line band... always ends up being very high in the front and low in the back. Can't seem to make it even all around. I blame the boobs!

This isn't a dress I would wear every, like the Care Bear dress, I'll be wearing this one to conventions or possibly for future Zombie Walks.
Look at my cute skirt! Just some regular grey/brown fabric I bought a while ago to practice making skirts and tops. I need to wear this skirt more this winter. I always forget how comfortable it is. I bought a very stretchy elastic band to use for this and it is a little too stretchy. And I made this one a bit too long but it still works (I think). But next skirt I'm hoping to make it a proper length, use less elastic and maybe use a brighter colour?
I welcome any sewing tips/tricks! I have a lot to learn. :]


  1. You did such a rad job. I have always been too scared to sew a dress. I love the bright print on it too.

  2. the printed sheet dress looks great! I think you are doing awesome, it's hard to tailor things when you are just starting out and the skirt looks good too! All your sewing posts are making me want to get back into making things and possibly wearing them out in public :)

  3. I'm so impressed here! I really wish I would have kept up on my sewing....use to take lessons as a kid, but I feel like I don't know anything now. I can hardly believe that first dress used to be a bed sheet. LOVE the final result. Makes me want to find my old Rainbow Brite sheets and start tackling my sewing bug.

    1. oh that would look so cute!! You should totally do it, lots of free tutorials online on sewing. Start off with pillow cases as practice!


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