Oct 6, 2014

DIY Halloween Tree

I finally got around to doing this DIY! I've wanted to post this DIY on my blog for years. Years! And every year something would come up and then Halloween would be long gone. Anyways It's a pretty fun and simple DIY. All you need a 6 coat hangers, some Halloween coloured tinsel (you could use Christmas coloured ones too), tape, hot glue gun, and little Halloween decorations. I found everything I needed for my Halloween tree at my local Dollar Store and I think I ended up spending around $10 for it all.
So watch the video below and tell me what you think! Please feel free to share this too. :]


  1. oh my gosh this is so awesome! I didn't even realize you made it out of hangers and tinsel I just thought it was a purple tree you had decorated :)
    talk about resourceful ;) love the eyeballs! great DIY!!!


  2. RAD!!!! Such a good tutorial and super easy to do. I love when you said tinsel and were covered in tinsel. Hilarious.


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