Sep 29, 2014

DIY: Pumpkin Shirt

I've been wanting a simple pumpkin shirt for years. I don't know where people are getting them from and I can't find them. So I decided this year I would just make my own using fabric paint/fabric painting medium (I just mix the fabric painting medium with acrylic paint and it becomes fabric paint! It's great if you have a lot of acrylic paint laying around and don't want to buy a bunch of fabric paints) And of course I made a little DIY video on it too. Next time I'm in a second hand store I'm gong to look for more plain shirts so I can do some more designs like, eyeballs and bats!
Let me know what you think. :]


  1. you know I always see stuff in the store and think I could make that myself and you actually did!
    I think I would be more comfortable cutting out shapes and sewing them on. that's how uncomfortable I am with paint, but you did awesome! I think other shirts would look great with your designs and patterns :)

  2. OMG!!!! So rad!!! Great tutorial. You can't get any Halloween stuff here in Australia. I am goign to make this shirt for work. :)


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