Aug 20, 2014

Super Summer Comic Con + a vlog!?

We're back from our short trip to Windsor for the Super Summer Comic Con. And we had a lot of fun! Not only was it a visit back to Windsor where Justin's family lives but the con itself was held in our old college. So it was nice seeing the school again and some familiar faces. Also we met some current students from our program. Cool!
I did something a little different this time around... I vlogged. I made a vlog. I did a vlog. Yep... Obviously it's not super great but I wanted to try it out because I like the idea of video diaries. Too bad I find it a bit weird to talk to a camera in a crowd of people, so I didn't do too much talking. But I think my favourite part is the end with the costume contest. So, you should watch the video below and let me know what you think. Also give me tips!? I think I may do something like this for Fan Expo too maybe...

What would you guys want to see if I did do a vlog during Fan Expo? Any questions? Have you been to a convention?


  1. lol so cute! I loved seeing your pup and everything else... :)

  2. Love it!! Definitely more vlogs :D Maybe you can film willing participants near your booth? The costume contest at the end looked so awesome!


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