May 12, 2014

Zoo visit

Yes! It's the yearly visit to The Toronto Zoo. I visit the Zoo at least once a year, usually around this time of the year. Went with some friends this time around, It's nice going in a group sometimes. I didn't end up taking that many pictures but here are a couple that I really liked.
Probably my favourite shot from the day.
A bunch of kids had tables set up all around the park, I'm assuming it was their final year projects or something. Some of them had some cool displays.
I don't think I've ever gotten a good shot of the cheetahs... well until now. They were right near the window that day.
The new baby giraffe. So cute. There's a little video I took, on IG of him freaking out over something he saw. It's pretty cute!
Another baby polar bear. (Not the same one from last year.) This ones a new one. He was licking the fence...
And I finally got to see the new Pandas. The Zoo got them some time last year but when I was there last, their exhibit was still under construction. Anyways they are pretty cute. Apparently they're already trying to breed them.
Sadly no good pictures of the Wolves this visit. I only saw one outside in the exhibit but he was sleeping.


  1. Great photos! The polar bear licking the fence is just too cute! :D


  2. very nice pic :) and yes the monkey is best :)

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