May 20, 2014

I made a dress!

I made a dress. I made a dress. I made a dress. Hey, hey, hey, HEY! So I decided I would finally try my hand at making my own dress. My goals were to try to finish it within a weekend (It only took me about half a day.) and to make sure it fit me. And it does! I used this DIY video by Annika of The PIneneedle Collective. (she has a bunch of other videos too!)
Obviously I made a ton of mistakes. It's my first one so I was expecting it. But hey now I know what to fix and tweak for next time. And the will be a next time! I can't wait to get some more fabric. I love fabric shopping and my stocks are running low right now.
I took a few pictures of me wearing the dress. You know, to show you how it looks and fits. I'm actually pretty happy with it. I had some problems with the top. It's not at all how I'd like it. I made the straps way too far apart. But the circle skirt part was surprisingly easy and fun for me.
Please excuse my 'resting bitch face'. I don't know why I didn't try smiling for these pictures. I guess I was more interested in what was on TV at the time. But it's not about my face, it's about the dress, guys!
 Some IG pictures. My 'blue print' for the top part of the dress and a WIP shot.
This is the best back view of the dress you're getting. There is a reason for that. It's horrible! Haha.
And here is a close up, you can really tell the top is a bit baggy on me. Okay, so lets talk about some of the stuff I learned...

The good; I did it. I made a dress! The dress fits, a little baggy up top but it fits. I like the length of the dress and even though the top is baggy I was afraid that the arm holes would be too small or something. I like the fabric design I picked. My first big sewing project!

The bad; I probably used the wrong material, I just found some cheap fabric because I knew I'd screw this up. I made the top so big that I had to take it in, a lot! The straps at the front and the straps are the back are different. They don't line up. (Ones wider than the other) I screwed up the back, it does not look nice at all. I got a zipper that was way too lon.

For next time; Make the top a little smaller. Straps closer to the neck. Make the waist band thicker, because i think it would look nicer on me. Don't rush the back. Get a shorter zipper.

Overall thought, like I said at the top. I am super happy that I even finished this. I probably won't wear this out. I'm afraid that it'll just fall apart...haha, plus the back isn't nice looking at all. But maybe I could get away with wearing it with a cardigan? So who knows, maybe I'll try it on one day, wear it out to the park or something. Even if it's just for a few hours. Right now the dress is hanging up on one of my walls in my work room. I like looking at it.

Have you ever made a dress? Or pants/shorts? I bet something more fitted is harder to do.


  1. Woooweee fun and pretty!! Great job!

  2. It's very beautiful! Love the colors and it looks like you made it loose/flowy on top on purpose :D This inspires me to want to make a dress. I picked up lots of cheap fabric until I'm about 90% confident in making an item with pretty expensive fabrics lol.

    1. Haha, oh i'll be sticking to the cheap fabric for a while. Until I feel confident in my sewing abilities.

  3. Aw, good job! Sewing is such a learning experience, I've made like 10 dresses and I'm still screwin em up :/


    1. Wow, thats a lot of dresses! I hope I can get to 10 dresses. Maybe i'll aim for 5 by the end of the year...

  4. Oooh! I love this print and for a first shot at a dress I'd say it came out pretty awesome!
    I made a dress once in high school and it looked awful. lol


  5. good for you! i think it looks pretty good for a first try! and i like the pattern!

  6. Wow! I think you did brilliant! I can't sew at all. I think it would look great with a cardi, thats what I do with one of my favourite dresses that is a bit big in the top. I really love the print on the dress!


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