Apr 2, 2014

Medieval Times

 The bad guy!
A couple of days ago we visited Medieval Times! I hadn't been in years. The last time I was there was with my grade school. Anyways I went with a couple of friends and asked if Justin wanted to come along too. He decided he would go since he'd never been before... even though he wasn't super interested in it. But don't worry, 10 minutes into the show he was yelling and cheering for our knight. We all had a good time!

If you don't know what Medieval Times is, it's a place where you get a dinner and a 2 hour show. You sit in a coloured section and you cheer for your knight. Your knight does some tricks, battles other knights and horses do a few tricks. You get a pretty big meal too, soup, garlic bread, half a chicken, some rib, baked potato and some apple pie. Not all at once, your wenches come around through the rows and plop them on your plate. No utensils either, how medieval! (Ha!) We were in the black and white section and our knight was very good looking. You could tell he has been working there for a while. He knew how to work the crowd... even the sections that were booing him at first eventually cheered for him too. And he won too! Best feeling ever is when you cheer your knight on and he wins, haha.

Anyways, I don't normally do posts like this... about me going out or whatever but this was a super fun time and I happen to take a few pictures, so I thought why not. If you have one near you, you should totally go. Especially if you have never been or haven't gone in a long time. It's fun to go in big groups, people get really into it! (My throat was sore at the end of the night from all the yelling) Has anyone ever gone before or heard of it?


  1. UH THIS SOUNDS AMAZING. There's one 5+ hours away. Maybe in the summer.. 2 hour show and yummy food sounds like a good time!

    1. Oh yes, it would totally be worth it to go in the summer time, go one weekend do some other stuff in the area but go there for dinner. I'm surprised at how few locations they have. And only one in Canada!


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