Jan 3, 2014

Review: December Movies

The last of the movie reviews for 2013. Wow.
Truthfully when I saw the trailer for the first time it was just a little short one with the reindeer and the snowman and I remember thinking, 'No thanks.' Then later I saw a longer trailer for it and I thought 'That looks like Tangled.' In the end I decided I wanted to see it because it was Disney's newest movie and well, animation! So over all the movie was okay. It wasn't amazing and it felt like there was too much singing going on. I liked the second half of the movie more than the first. When I first saw the snowman in trailers I didn't like him at all but seeing him move around and interact with the other characters made me really like him. Got the most laughs from him and the reindeer actually. There was also a weird part where the one sister was kind of moving... well, too sexy for me. This is an animated movie for kids and it just looked wrong to me. And other than the story being kind of 'meh', the animation was beautiful! Like, wow. Such real reactions and expressions

Recommend? Yeah
Re-watch? Maybe for the animation
47 Ronin
Justin and I got to see a free early screening of this movie at the beginning of the month. The trailer makes it look way more exciting than it actually was. The movie kind of felt long and there were parts where I was actually bored. (Which is sad because I love movies like this. I love Japanese culture, I love action movies, I love samurai etc.) But this movie was a disappointment. I picked out this movie poster because they are advertising this guy like crazy, (he goes by skull boy or skeleton boy.) Yeah he was in the movie for like 2 seconds. He had one line! And he is all over the posters and trailers, wtf? My favourite part would have to be the witch girl. She was pretty cool. Unfortunately they spoiled a lot of cool things she does in the trailers... so there was no big surprise at the end.

Recommend? Maybe on cheap night. probably wait to rent it.
Re-watch? Probably no.
 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Last year I saw part one on Christmas Day, (I think?) with Justin's family. This year I saw part two a few days after Christmas, with my own family. Even though I liked part one, it was okay... I loved part two. There are a few slow-ish parts but the second half of the movie was amazing... the dragon. Guys, the dragon was amazing! He was beautifully designed, beautifully animated and the voice was perfect. It sort of reminded me of the dragon from 'Dragon Heart', in a good way. Once the dragon was on screen I was at the edge of my seat. Eyes glued to the screen. So good, I just want to re-watch the second half of the movie over and over.

Recommend? Yes!
Re-watch? Yes!!
American Hustle
This movie was so good! I loved the story and all the characters. Everyone did such a great job acting too. Maybe the movie felt a bit long at times, because it is a bit long but worth a watch. I loved Jennifer Lawrence in this too. Her character was so cute. I don't really have much else to say about this one. I liked it. I don't need to watch it again but I'd definitely recommend it to others.

Recommend? Yep.
Re-watch? Maybe, but probably no.
Anchorman 2
Oh my, this movie was hilarious! We ended up watching this one on New Years Eve and I'm so glad I picked this one. I will admit that near the end of the movie it got a bit too crazy for me, I spend most of the time going 'whaaaaat?' but other than that so funny! Also, so many other people were in this movie too. Anyways that is all I have to say.

Recommend? Yes!
Re-watch? Probably yes!

Best movie of the month: The Hobbit, for... Smaug. Smaug was awesome!
Worst movie of the month: 47 Ronin, for being a bit of a disappointment. 
Honourable mention(s): Anchorman 2, for being super funny.


  1. Yes to Smaug! I keep finding myself more and more drawn to Benedict Cumberbatch! That voice!

  2. I thought the same thing about frozen when it was just the reindeer and the snowman and was overall unimpressed. I thought anchorman 2 got a little random even for the characters. I saw Walter Mitty and really liked it!! I highly recommend it and will probably go see it again which doesn't happen too often ;)

    1. Walter Mitty is something we hope to see very soon, it wasn't playing our our closest theatre which we why we haven't seen it yet. But we will see it. Been only hearing good stuff about it

  3. I am obsessed with Frozen. I loved every single moment. I can't wait to see it again.

    1. Will you be adding it to your disney sleeve?

  4. I have yet to see Anchor man 2, and am wanting to see Frozen most definitely!! :D


  5. i haven't seen frozen. i saw that dumb short with the snowman too many times this summer and it made me not interested at all!
    i loved smaug too, they did such a good job on him! i reminded me of dragonheart, which i LOVED! i need to track down a copy now!

  6. I've got to see American Hustle! I'm becoming a fan of J Law ! Thanks for the write ups!

    love, polly :)


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