Jan 22, 2014

More Hand Stamped Bows

After making the eyeball stamp and using that to make some eyeball hair bows. I ended up making a couple more stamps and eventually made some bows out of them too. Now I love these new bows, especially the tooth one. But there is one thing kind of wrong with them and it's bugging me a little...
The white fabric I used is sort of thin and see through, (I don't remember where I got this fabric, I've had it in a bag for a while now.) It's not bad quality, its just thin... But anyways, you can see the gray-ish thread I used when I first started sewing the bows. Usually you'd use white thread but at the time I didn't have any and I didn't think it would show through. I guess, I was wrong and now I regret it! It's bugging me a bit when I see it. It's not horrible, It's not super noticeable, only if you look closely and if you flatten the bow a lot. I wanted to sell these bows online but now I don't know if I should...If I do they'll be at a lower price. I'll be sure to get thicker white fabric next time for sure.
Anyways, while I think about that, here are some pictures!
 The Tooth stamped bows! I made a couple with two rows of teeth, to make it look like a mouth and those are my favourites!
 The Candy stamped bows. Not a favourite but still a fun design.
 The Fly stamped bows. I really like this one but the design is too big for my small bows. I think I might use this stamp again but maybe when I decide to make a shirt or skirt.
 The Mushroom stamped bows. I like how this one turned out too, I like it better in red though.
So in a couple weeks when I go to get some new fabric again (better plain white fabric) I'll make some new bows, and by then I'll probably have some new stamps too.

What stamp should I make next? Any Ideas? 
More candy? Bugs? what do you think?


  1. The fly stamp looks like it was really hard to make! There are so many little details, especially in the wings :-) I think the candy bows are the cutest ^^ They're very girly, and I like that. xo

  2. These are so lovely! Would love to learn the art. c:


  3. They look so rad! I love the candy one.

  4. These are cute I love all your different stamp designs :)


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