Sep 16, 2013

Cracker pudding cake

This cracker, pudding, whipped cream cake is so good and it's super easy to make. My mom taught me how to make it years ago, but I have no clue if this cake has an official name. I always call it 'The cracker cake' or 'The cracker pudding cake'. Anyways, let me show you how to make this super easy dessert.
 You'll need: 
- a box of (preferably unsalted) crackers
- a tub of cool whip/whipped cream
- at least 2 boxes (or 8 cups/packs?) of your favourite pudding
- a pan
- a spoon or spatula

TIP: Take your whipped cream out of the freezer at least 30 minutes before you start. It's easier to spread if it's a bit melted.
 1. Make your first layer of crackers in your pan. Depending on your pan's size and depth you may need more (or less) crackers. I need 24 crackers for each layer of crackers for my pan. So I ended up using all the crackers in my box for the whole cake.
 2. This is probably the hardest step, because it gets a little messy and you need some patience. After the first cracker layer, I always do my pudding layer. I used 2 packs of pudding for this layer. Using your spoon, spread it around on top of the crackers as best you can.
 3. Add another layer of crackers.
 4. Now add your layer of cool whip/whipped cream.
 5. Add another layer of crackers.

TIP: Be a little stingy with your first layers of pudding and whipped cream. Then when you're doing the middle and top layers, use more pudding and whipped cream. (I used 2 packs of pudding on the first layer, then I used 3 packs for the other 2 layers of pudding)
 6. Continue this pattern of 'cracker, pudding, cracker, whipped cream, cracker, pudding etc...' until you've reached the top of your pan or you've run out of something. I almost always make the top layer, a whipped cream layer.
 7. (Optional) Grab some toppings and spread it around on top of your cake to make it extra sweet. (I grabbed a can of cherry pie topping) Then cover your cake with saran wrap or tin foil and put it in the fridge for at least an hour before serving. The crackers absorb some of the pudding and whipped cream, which makes them a bit softer... which makes the whole cake awesome.

TIP: Obviously you don't have to finish the cake off with cherries. You can put whatever you want on the top, like; blueberries or chocolates.
PRO TIP: Instead of using plain crackers, why not try biscuits? (You know the ones people have with tea or coffee?) Since biscuits are a bit thicker than crackers you can soak the them in some chocolate milk or some alcohol (like baileys!!), only for a few seconds to get some added flavouring.
The only thing I forgot to do was take a picture of a piece of the finished dessert cake... Oh well! Here is a fun little GIF of my process. 
I also forgot to add, excuse my small dirty kitchen and stove. I have a very small kitchen and there's more room on the stove top than the counter.

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  1. What the hell kind of magic is this? Looks too yummy to be true. :)


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