Aug 29, 2013

Fan Expo 2013

 So here are my photos from Fan Expo this year. I usually post them a lot sooner but this year I got sick over sat/sun, I thought it was just a cold but it turned into strep throat. So that's been fun. Still pretty sick but I'm feeling better.
Anyways, this was our best year yet! I mean out of all the conventions we've sold at, this was our best one. I sold the most amount of bows ever  (I have about 60 bows left after going to Atomic Lollipop and Fan Expo. I usually make about 200 - 300 bows.) and Justin sold 4 out of his 5 paintings! Pretty cool stuff. I also really like how our table looked. Not too crowded. Justin displayed his paintings nicely with an Easel this year. We also had Justin's friend Jake (who comes over almost every year now for Fan Expo) and Justin's Mom and sister over for the weekend. So we had a full apartment but it was super fun to have someone with you at the table. Plus team work to get things done and get everyone fed. And Captain got lots of attention.
Below are a bunch of pictures from our long weekend. They are pretty much in order from the Thursday to Sunday. And at the very end there's a small re-cap of how each day went.
 Walking in through the food court to set up.
 After set up we walked around a bit...
Justin's Mom. :]
 So happy there was a good amount of Sailor Moon stuff out this year.
 The only picture of us together that turned out okay...
 Heading home!
 Justin in his Red Hood cosplay.
 Justin and his sister.
 Jake and Justin, who is doing some arm stretches...
 I want to make some of these.
And my view from behind the table.

Short recap of each day:
Thurs - Sold a good amount of bows while Justin was selling a good number of his prints. 
On this day I decided I would go buy tickets for my parents so they wouldn't have to wait in line for Sunday... and it was the worst experience of my life! I was so angry but the day ended on a good note because Justin sold his first painting on this day.

Fri - More bows and I started selling some prints. I sold out of 2 kinds of bows. Justin also sold another painting. My Jackalope print was doing pretty well.

Sat - Sold out of another kind of bow. I started running low on my 'big' bows. This is the day I had my tattoo appointment too. When I came back I had sold 2 of my smaller paintings. Nothing compared to Justin's size but I was still happy. I think I also sold out of one of my prints, I'm not sure which one though. This day was pretty busy up until the last 2 hours and then it died!

Sun - This day overall, was very slow and kind of boring. Sold just a handful of prints (both of us) and bows. But ended on a high not. In the last 30mins Justin sold 3 of his paintings!

Also! I forgot to take pictures but other than the tattoo I got, I also got a few small prints, a living dead doll and a bat girl mug. And already I can't wait to go fabric shopping and start making more bows for next year!

P.S. Check out Fan Expo 2012 and Fan Expo 2011.


  1. Oh my gosh... Oh so much envy of you :P
    Sofia G

  2. WOW! *_* This must be what paradise looks like :D Great pics!!

  3. Looks like the best weekend. SO many rad costumes. I loved the Star Sapphire. SO pretty. Your stall looked great. Love the Hellboy piece.


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