Jul 25, 2013

Tobermory part 2

 Here is part two of my trip to Tobermory. This is the day we decided to head to the Grotto! This was also the day I wanted to use my better camera to take nicer pictures but for some reason my memory card was acting up so I was stuck with my small waterproof camera. But I think it worked out for the best because we did a lots of rock climbing and I'm sure I would have scratched up my camera.
Anyways, It was an amazing day and probably my favorite day from our trip!
Check out Tobermory part one here.
 After a little walk through the woods we find this beautiful view waiting for us. Look at the water, so pretty!
 We decided to relax by the water for a bit. This was after our first attempt at getting in the water. It was way too cold and we were only standing in it.
 I eventually man-ed up and just bolted for the water. It was freezing but I did it!
 Here is Tania making her way back to the water. There were rocks everywhere and we didn't bring any water shoes, so we just used our flip flops. It didn't help much but it was better than nothing. It hurt so much getting in and out of the water.
 We walked around a bit and discovered this. Looks like an old grotto? Pretty neat.
 We found a way to get down there (by climbing the side of the rocks) for some pictures and fun.
 Here is the actual Grotto. This picture does it no justice! It was so beautiful. And it was a workout just getting there and back up. Lots of climbing that day and we were pretty sore the next day.
This was our motel, cute and simple.
Some of the pictures, after I took the camera into the water have smudges on them. I wish I did a better job of cleaning the camera.
 Food time. It grosses me out that the onion rings look like they're touching my face, even though they weren't.
 This restaurant belongs to the family that owns the motel we stayed at.
 Walking around town, trying to work off the burgers.
But never mind we found beaver tails and had to try one (or two). First time for us and they were soooo good! Very bad for you, obviously. Mine was an Oreo flavoured one.


  1. Onion ring glasses! Classic. Hahahaha That water is soo clear and blue. It looks so warm there. Here in Melbourne, Australia it's about 2 degrees celcious. ;(

  2. ohhh my goodness that beach look like magic! i love the little coves. and i want friiiies

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. What a beautiful place!! And oh my globbbbb what on earth are beaver tails? They look like heaven

    1. They're like deep fried sweet dough (i think?) with sugary toppings.

  4. Wow! what a beautiful place. I was a bit confused at first as I've been to Tobermory on Mull in Scotland and it doesn't look like that!

  5. what a gorgeous place! i think your little waterproof camera took pretty great photos!
    and those beaver tails!!!!!

  6. What a beautiful beach. But the last photo with the beaver tails kind of overwrote those impressions quickly in my brain. WANT! :o)


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