Jul 16, 2013

Tobermory part 1

So I'm back from Tobermory and it was a blast! Here is part one of my trip. The first day and a half the weather was kinda of blah, but it didn't rain so we still got to go out and enjoy ourselves.
This post is photo heavy!
 Starting our adventure off right with a quick picture at a red light.
 On our way we saw this huge chair on someone's lawn. Normally we wouldn't go on the property but they had two houses and one of them looked like a store. We thought maybe it was a gift shop? Well it wasn't. The lady didn't care about us taking pictures but she yelled at us to keep off her grass.
 Not too far from our destination we found another chair. A better chair, because it was super comfy and they had signs encouraging people to take pictures.
 We made it!
 After checking into our motel we got some dinner and spend the rest of the night walking around and watching bad TV.
 The next day we decide to take our chances with a boat tour. We thought it might rain the rest of our trip but actually this was our worst day.
Waiting to board the boat!
 Even though it was kind of windy out that day, we still got to see some pretty cool shipwrecks.
 Just to show how fast we were going. Hair everywhere!
 We arrived at Flowerpot Island and had an hour to explore before our boat took us back. I think we saw about less than half of the Island.
 The island is named after these flowerpot shaped rocks. I think this one was the biggest. And look how pretty the water is. I know it looks just okay but it was really clean and clear. And I'm not used to seeing such clean water, especially coming from Toronto. (haha)
 So cold!
 We had just enough time to check out this cave on the island, I took a panoramic to show you how cool it was. You should be able to click on it to make it bigger.
 After the boat tour and some food we decided to check out the park and a museum.
 That's a common beaver skull and beside it, is a huge beaver skull. So freaky.
 This was where I got 80% of my mosquito bites.
And I'll end this post with a pretty view of the water.


  1. Yay! That looks like a blast lady. I think that boat tour would've made me sick for sure. I love the chairs and totally would've thought it was some kind of a store that someone put that in front of. That water is super clear and amazing. Was it cold?! Booooo for mosquitoes. I'm like sugar to them.

    1. The water was super cold! So very cold.
      I hear ya, the backs of my legs are destroyed!


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