Oct 22, 2012

Toronto Zombie Walk 2012

This past weekend we attended the 10th Annual (Toronto) Zombie Walk. This was my third year attending, and second year participating. Last year I didn't dress up and just went with my fancier camera to take some photos, you can see the post here. This year, since I was covered in blood and stuff I brought my smaller digital waterproof camera. 
I had a totally different plan for what I'd be wearing this year to the walk but a lot of the stuff is back with my Mom so it'll have to wait till next year. And I am so excited because it's gonna be awesome!
Just a warning, this post is very photo heavy!
A quick photo of us before we left the house. I put cheap dye spray in my hair and it smelt soooo bad!
We arrived just 15 minutes before the walk started, it was so busy. It was also pretty cold, (coldest Zombie Walk I've been to) then it started raining a bit here and there.
P.S. I miss doing panoramics.
I freshened up my blood while we waited to go.
It started to get a lot colder and we were getting more and more hungry. (And Justin was getting tired of the crowds) So, after about an hour or so of shuffling, we decided it was time to head home. It's funny because we only made it around the corner from where the Zombie Walk started!
One more picture of us, heading home.
There were a lot of great zombie costumes, I probably missed a lot of them because I was actually in the walk this year. Which zombie was your favourite (from the pictures)?
Mine would be a tie between, the Mariachi band and the girl dressed up as Darla from 'Finding Nemo'.


  1. You both look dead good ;) teehee

    There was a zombie walk in London only a couple of weeks ago but I didn't find out about it until the day it was on :( one day I'll go to one!

    1. Thanks,
      yeah on the way to the walk we took public transit and lots of people kept asking if the walk was that day. Sucks lots of people missed out on it I guess. You should def go. It's fun, especially with a bunch of friends.

  2. That's super creepy lol. I guess we had one in Kingston this weekend. I'm not too sure how big it is but I think I'll check it out next year

    1. For sure, lots of (smaller) areas are starting up their own Zombie walks. Even if it's small, it's gotta start somewhere right?

  3. wow! looks like you guys had a great time. The sailor moon costume was unexpected and hilarious!

    1. Yes she was one of my favourites!

  4. this looks SO cool! what a fun way to start halloweening.
    I really like the Darla costume too.

    thanks for visiting my blog!
    Sarah K.


  5. i love the krang costume! so good! this post makes me wish i went to the nashville walk.

  6. WOW! So many people. I love the sailor moon zombie. He looks very pretty. I am keen to go to one of these. I'd want to wear a different kind of costume too. Like a zombie Frodo.


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