Oct 11, 2012


Earlier this year I finished a contract with Big Jump, I got to work on a new show called Brickleberry. Maybe you've heard of it already since It did air just a few weeks ago. If you haven't, It's on comedy central and it runs right after Tosh .O, mainly (I think) because Tosh does the voice for the small bear in this show.
I have to also mention, this show is on comedy central for a reason. If you're into shows like; Family Guy, American Dad, Ugly Americans and South Park, then this is your kind of show. If those other shows are totally not your thing, then stay away from this one! The image above is just from the intro to the first episode.
Working on this show was a pretty cool experience. This was my first contract where I got to work from home. Which I really liked, most of the time. I found that I worked a lot. I didn't take many days off because whenever I was home doing nothing I felt like I should have been working. It was hard the first week or so, to get into a routine. There are a lot of pros to working from home though, so I can't complain.
Oh, I also want to mention the studio mailed me a Brickleberry t-shirt after we had finished our contracts. It was so nice of them. I took a crappy picture of it with my phone.
From what I'm reading around the net, the show is doing okay so far. It's hard to really tell if it's doing good or not because from what I've seen... People either love it or completely hate it. I think most of the fans of Tosh .O are really liking the show, so that is a good sign. There are some really crazy episodes coming up. One of them has a shot I am pretty proud of,  so I can't wait to see it.

Would you watch this show? Or have you already seen it? What are your thoughts?

P.S. All images are from the first episode, 'Welcome to Brickleberry'. All images are screen captures by myself. The last two screen captures are of my favourite shots I worked on.


  1. I've heard of Brickleberry but never had the chance to see it yet. It seems hilarious though! Can't wait to see it since I love your work and have been following your blog for a while now.


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