Aug 28, 2012

Fan Expo 2012

Here are a bunch of pictures from Fan Expo this year. It was busy-busy but lots of fun! Last year, since it was out first year we decided to not really buy anything since money was tight. This year we ended up getting a bunch of things. Lots of small prints for me.
Here we are setting up our table. As you can see in the back we were one of the early ones.
After we set up, we went walking around to see where everything was. I like seeing all the booths and tables covered up. And we got to see some of the bigger ones still setting up.
I found the wreck-it ralph game. It was free too. It always had a line for it all four days. Pretty cool idea for the movie.
Still walking around...
We found the lego area. Hulk looked awesome!
There always has to be a batman lego too!
 Pretty sure everytime Justin left our table, he went here.
Couple more people setting up.
This was probably on Thurs or Fri, some lines of people waiting to get things signed.
There was also the first every Fan Expo wedding. They didn't dress up but their wedding songs were mostly Star Wars theme songs and they said some lines from popular comic books. It was cute.
Walking around artist alley.
A picture of me at our table. Woo!
The guys beside us were actually classmates, going to our school. Pretty cool how that worked out.
 Went through the Frankenweenie area a few times because it was so neat to look at all the little models.
I love the girls around the mini hulk. 
Walking to the washroom, passing the food court. 
 This is our table again near the end of Fan Expo, probably Sat or Sun. See it changed a little. Some things got moved around...
This is under our table. So messy! 
And this is the end of Fan Expo on Sun, everyone taking down their stands and whatnot. Sad times.

 Short Recap of each day;
Thurs - Wasn't that busy. I didn't sell any prints. My first sale was a bow, and then a sold a bunch of them. I ended up selling some little prints when we had some friends visit our table.
Fri - Kept selling bows. I came back the next day with a bag of fabric so I could restock. I ended up selling a few large prints this day and rings too! The second best day for sales. Sold a lot of bows. I made a really big bow as a display to get peoples attention and someone ended up buying it. So I made a few more big ones and they sold too.
Sat - The busiest day, very crowded. Ended up selling some more prints, lots of more bows. Sold out of a bow and sold out of a few of my mini prints.
Sun - Busy, but not as busy as the day before. Best day for sales. Sold more bows, pretty much ran out of 2 more types of fabric. Prints and rings were doing well too. By this day I took down my brooches because they were not doing well. I also sold one of my paintings, the shy raccoon. Which was the best high ever. Such a good feeling. :D

P.S. I'll make a post about the cosplayers next.


  1. So awesome. Congrats on all the sales! I spent a year waiting for Fanexpo only to not have enough money to go. :( Might have to try doing a booth myself in the future.

    1. Aww boo. But if you do get one, one day. It would be awesome to sit beside you! :D

  2. i'm glad it went well! i can't WAIT to see frankenweenie! i was obsessed with the life action one when i was little, i would have LOVED to see those models!

    1. Yeah I can't wait to see it either! They had boxes where you could switch lights off and on inside the setup. it was pretty neato.

  3. Amazing lego sculptures! Ha ha, little girls playing with little Hulk, so cute~

  4. Your stall looks amazing. Do you sell any prints or your badges online anywhere?
    How awesome were the frankenweenie puppets. So rad.

    1. I don't... yet, but I will have an etsy shop up in a few months for sure. :]


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