Jul 9, 2012

At the Dog Park

We try to go to the dog park(s) as much as we can. We do end up going a lot more in the warmer months though and weekends are usually the best times for us.
This summer I found a fully fenced dog park not too far from us. The last time we went I decided to bring my camera with me. I can't wait to get some pictures in the winter time at this park.
My favourite shot!! This is super happy Captain. He looks sooo cute. Look at his faaaace.
I love all these shots of Cap running around. The first few minutes at the park he always has the fur on his neck standing up. Guess he's nervous about the other dogs, and probably super excited.
Look at that cute little dog chasing Cap. Look at the ears! Hehe, makes me really want a second dog.
I love this action shot. Cap deciding to turn around last minute.


  1. i love the dog park! and captain obviously does too! he is so cute with his "scare hair" up (that is what my friends really southern mom calls that ridge of hair and i LOVE it. haha)

  2. Hy, your pics are great ! I love them ! Visit my sketch back ?



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