May 7, 2012

Mini Instax Rainbow

Not too long ago, I realized that I hadn't touched my Mini Instax in a long time. (So long that I forgot how to turn it on. No joke. I am ashaaamed.) So when I had some extra money I ordred myself some more mini instax film. Not only did I end up getting a few boxes of plain white ones but I also got few boxes of colourful ones too! I though it would be fun post an instax rainbow every once in a while. (cause I love rainbows) I've only gone through about two sets and I have a couple boxes left, so except a few more rainbows. :]
Red: Me and Captain, after I realized I don't have many pictures of myself, (especially of me and Captain) I started asking Justin to take more pictures of me. Hot Pink: My friend Sean at Justin's Birthday Party. I didn't notice the strape went infront of the lens by accident. Anyways it makes me laugh because he was posing with another friend and now he looks weird posing alone. (haha) Light Pink: Justin and Sean during a gaming night.
Orange: Justin and Captain. I have too many of them together! Yellow: Paint brushes at an art store. Green: Trying to get a picture of me and Cap but he turned his head at the last minute and now it'll forever look like im choking him.
Dark Blue: One of the many shots I have of Cap sleeping. He's just too cute when he's sleepy. I can't help it! Blue: The trees are blooming all around our building. Light Blue: Eating at a 50's diner-like resturant with a friend. (I don't like onions but I love onion rings. Is that weird?) Purple: Easter eggs!


  1. I love this!
    I'm going to have to check these out!

  2. These are lovely photos, they are all so happy looking, a great record of your day to day life. i loooove the one where you look like you are headlocking Captain, he's probably having a good laugh, lol. I used to not eat raw onion but eat cooked onion, although I don't do either at the moment.

    1. Onions are just weird to me, my Mom eats them like apples. Bites into them and everything. Blah! I just eat them if they're well hidden in my food.

  3. I already have an Instax wide but have just bought a Mini - can't wait to get some rainbow film!


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