Mar 21, 2012

Zigzag shirt tutorial

After finishing my Galaxy shirt, I started starring at my big jug of bleach. I want to bleach everything now! And this got me thinking about making some more shirts.
For this very simple tutorial all you'll need is; a t-shirt (or any shirt), some tape (I used masking tape) a little spray bottle, and some bleach.
Use your tape to make a sort of zigzag design on your shirt. Notice how my zigzags look great on the bottom (that's where I started) and get all funky at the top? That's cause I wasn't paying attention. Don't be like me and take your time!
TIP: Iorn your shirt down on the floor for a nicer zigzag because if you don't you'll be spraying bleach on wrinkles. If you're wondering how to safely iron on the floor, use a towel.
Now get your spray on! Remember you don't need a lot of bleach.
This is what my shirt looked like after a few minutes.
Here is the end result. I planned on doing zigzags all the way around my shirt but I only ended up doing one side. I think it still looks cool. And I actually like that the zigzags are kind of off.
Justin calls this my Charlie Brown shirt. :]

P.S. I might have one more bleach and shirt related tutorial... I hope that's okay.


  1. Great tutorial! I also like how the zig zags are slightly off, it gives it character.

  2. cool! now I miss my old boy's bleached skull and cross tee I had in high school!

  3. Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog. happy to be your newes follower, this DIT is so awsome, love it!!! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  4. I'm still dying to try this bleach tutorials on fabric but I haven't got around doing it yet. I'll let you know as soon as I do.

  5. Love this! Need to get me some bleach, cos this looks awesome

  6. hi..wich bleach is it the one used for white clothes?

    1. hi, yes just the bleach to whiten clothes.


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