Oct 23, 2011

Toronto Zombie Walk

This year I went to the Toronto Zombie Walk to take some photos, since no one wanted to come with me and dress up like zombies. :[ (I was promised that next year we would go and dress up) Anyways here are some of my favourites from yesterday. If you're interested check out my Flickr, I've posted just over 100 photos on there.

This year a couple got married before the actual Zombie Walk. It was very sweet. (I got like 5 photos of them kissing)

They were always surrounded by people trying to get their picture. I was up on a hill and since I brought my longer lens I could see them fine. :]

Pretty sure this girl was supposed to be from the cover of Pride and Prejustice and Zombies.

Perfect expression!

This one was near the end of the Zombie Walk, (for me) I only stayed for about 2 hrs. It was getting too crowded and I couldn't catch up to the other zombies to take their picture so I called it quits.

Love the super green and purple skin, classic zombies.

This girl looks like she came out of a classic japanese horror movie or something! (love it)

I saw this zombie clown when I first showed up but I was too busy getting shots of the zombie wedding. Luckily I found him again.

This girl was so cute and creepy.

When I saw this guy, I couldn't help but laugh. The tooth is too perfect.

Lots of people had those cool white or red contacts. Creepy.

Does anyone else have Zombie Walks in their area?

And I guess the Zombie Walk sketch I did will have to wait until next year to be completed.


  1. That is so cool! I've always wanted to do a zombie walk, but I always find out about them too late :(. People really go all out, I love it.

  2. If theres one in your area it should be in the same month they did it last year. Though I think most zombie walks should be in october, it's easier to find blood and costumes around halloween right.

  3. awesome pictures! we usually do the one in nashville but missed it this year. last year i went at miss argentina frmo beetlejuice. and people kept callin me avatar!

  4. Your zombie walk looks so cool! You guys looked great last year.

  5. I would love to have a zombie themed wedding, their make up is great.
    There's been a lot of Zombie walks over here in the last few weeks but I didnt get to go to any :(

  6. Aww, well there's always next year!

  7. i've always wanted to go on a zombie walk! it is so cool that a couple got married! way rad!

    do you ever wonder what would happen if real zombies got loose during the zombie walk? How long before people realised other people were really being eaten?



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