Oct 18, 2011

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

I thought It would be fun to share with you how I make my roasted pumpkin seeds. This is more just for fun, (and more for myself) I was just really excited to bake some seeds because I haven't in a long time! It's not hard to do (I'm sure a lot of you already know how, but for those who haven't tried...) and its really yummy.

Anyways all you'll need is some;
pumpkin seeds, salt and pepper and oil.

1. Get your pumpkin seeds and clean them up. You'll want to put them in a bowl or strainer and get all the left over pumpkin guts off them.
2. Wash them with cold water.
3. Lay them out to dry for a few hours.

4. Once they're pretty dry put them in a pan and add a tablespoon or two of your favourite oil. (olive oil) Sprinkle some salt and pepper on them and mix it all up.
5. Then put them in the oven at 325 degrees F for about 20 minutes. About half way, you want to stir the seeds around a bit to give an even roast.
5. Let cool and enjoy.

I always like to add a little more salt on my seeds once they're done.

You can keep the seeds for up to about two - three months, I was told to keep them in the fridge but I think they'd be fine in a container, on a shelf of something. I also found out you can freeze pumpkin seeds for up to a year. :]

Do you just use salt and pepper on your seeds or do you use some other spice/seasoning?


  1. mmmm. i need to roast some and save them for later in the year. i love roasted pumpkin seeds!

  2. Yes! I look forward to these every October.

    Sometimes if I want sweeter tasting sees I'll sprinkles some cinnamon.

  3. Hmm must be delicious,you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx


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