Aug 29, 2011

Fan Expo 2011

The Fan Expo was awesome! It was a long four days, (every night we'd come home, eat a little something and pass out) but still very fun. I think we learned a lot, especially about how to display artwork. Our apartment was so messy by Sunday...thanks to my boyfriend it is pretty much cleaned up now.

Here are some highlights from the four days. I guess I thought we took more pictures. (cell phone pictures?) Oh well there's always next year.

This is my boyfriend doing a free sketch for some kids. :]

The prints I thought would do well, did okay. The prints that I decided to hide were the ones that people liked and bought the most of. But now I have a better idea. It was nice to see that everyone liked something different from my display. Obviously my Skull Couple got the most attention though.

Look how full our table was! (This was taken on the last day before we sold a few of the paintings)

Our table started off with just our prints flat on the table. After the first day we went and got stands and some extra supplies. I think our table was the only one that looked different every day.

I also want to thank anyone and everyone who stopped by our table! Also thank you to everyone who who grabbed our business cards, I only have half left! :]

Note to self/Things to do for Fan Expo 2012:

- Take more pictures around Fan Expo
- Invest in a better display, something that will show off our artwork so there's more room on the table.
- Invest in one (or two) of those book portfolios
- Make some stickers. I wanted to do stickers this year but I was told we weren't allowed to? But I found a lot of people selling stickers anyways. So next year for sure, I'll have stickers.
- I also want to try buttons! (most popular product on Zazzle are my buttons)
- Bring more food and snacks, maybe some fruit and more chocolate
- Make more paintings!


  1. It looks awesome - I'm glad you had a fun time!

  2. Great blog! I'll come here again! See you soon!


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