Sep 6, 2014

Fan Expo Day two

Happy weekend! Here is the day two vlog from Fan Expo. :]

Sep 5, 2014

Fan Expo Day One

Back from Fan Expo and it was pretty sweet. I did record a bit here and there, I could have combined all the videos into just one big video but I decided to upload one video per day. (Fan Expo is 4 days long) So below is day one at Fan Expo. Day two is also up on my channel already but I'll be posting on to the blog, officially eventually

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Aug 25, 2014

Random Fisheye Shots

It's been a while since I've posted any film photos on here. I've had this roll sitting around for a while and finally just had it developed. It was full of pictures of Justin, myself and Cap on different walks. A few winter shots but mostly ones from earlier this year... I think.
Back when Justin had blue hair for a couple of months and I thought it was so cute. but then he got bored of it and shaved it all off, haha. I hate when he shaves his head!
This ones back when I just started dying my hair purple. This is me with messy hair and no make up.
One more of me! This one turned out nice. Must have been from just a few months ago. My hair was still blue plus its just a little shorter in this picture.

Looking back at my film photos tag, I've noticed I use this camera a lot! I guess it's my favourite toy camera. :]
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